3-8 State Testing

6 Reasons Franklin CSD is politely and respectfully asking all students to participate in the New York State

 3- 8 Testing

We recognize some families have elected to opt their son/daughter out of NYS 3-8 testing in previous years. We would like families to reconsider their position and be open to their son/daughter participating in the 3-8 testing during the 2017-18 school year. These tests help us understand our instructional strengths and weaknesses so that we can make adjustments to best serve our families and students. Please consider the following:


1 - Non Stressful Testing Environment

  • Our faculty and staff are doing everything possible to reduce any kind of stress or anxiety attached to these tests.
  • The tests are no longer attached to teacher evaluations in any way.
  • Our faculty and staff politely ask students give the test a try and do the best they can.
  • Our faculty and staff prepare students for the tests with a positive and productive mindset.

2 - The 3-8 Exams are not “High Stakes” tests for Students

  • There are no negative ramifications if a student does not score as high as other students.
  • The school may offer a student additional support if they score below a certain level, which is determined by NYS.
  • Lower test scores do not automatically result in student retention or program adjustments

3 - Most Parents find the results of testing helpful

  • Parents want to gauge the quality of teaching at their school compared to others.
  • Parents want feedback about the academic ability of their son/daughter in general, but also compared to others.

4 - Curriculum taught matches information that appears on the test

  • There was a time when the curriculum and the exams were not in full alignment. This is no longer the case.
  • For several years, we have been teaching the curriculum that also appears on the tests.
  • Our teachers analyze data from these tests each year to better understand material that is tested.

5 - These tests are program evaluation test

  • The tests give us feedback about how well we are teaching ELA, math, and science.
  • The tests are more about how well we are teaching the students rather than how individual students are scoring.
  • When only a portion of our students participate in the tests, it is difficult to accurately determine how well we are teaching.
  • The more students who participate in the tests, the more accurate the information generated.
  • These tests prepare students for Regents exams in high school, which are required.

6 - We use test information to adjust instruction

  • Administrators and teachers analyze test information to determine our instructional areas of strength and weakness.
  • Based on test information, instructional adjustments are made to better serve our students and families.
  • Instructional adjustments are most accurate when all students participate in testing.
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