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Stephen DeCarlo 10-12 Social Studies

 Welcome to Mr. DeCarlo's webpage. I teach 10-12 social studies. If you have any questions or concerns please reach me at school 829-3551 ext. 218 or [email protected].
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I teach the following courses:

Economics - The class focuses on the basic vocabulary and concepts of microeconomics. During the semester, students will also take part in a stock market simulation game and present a business proposal to a panel of teachers. Students may also get college credit if they register through Delhi College.

Participation in Government - In this course, students complete a variety of activities intended to show them ways in which they can be active citizens after they graduate. Students will attend public meetings, write their representatives, perform community service, write letters to the editor, interview public officials, and give several speeches. Students may also choose to get college credit through Delhi College.
United States History and Government - In this course we will be studying subjects and themes from the beginning of the American colonies until present day using various activities and methods. This class ultimately concludes with a New York State Regents exam. The course’s goal is for students to gain a better understanding and appreciation of United States History.


Global History and Geography - Global History and Geography 10 is the second year of a course that focuses on the major events and themes that have shaped human civilization from the earliest civilizations to the 21st century. In the course, students will examine and interpret periods in world history from various perspectives, including historical, economic, political, geographic, and cultural. The course culminates with a Regents exam that covers only 10th grade world history content.
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Current Events (elective)
This class is made up of a mix of students in grades 9-12. In Current Events we research and discuss major stories in the news. Students report daily on stories they bring in to share. In this class we teach about and encourage the use of reliable sources and how to detect bias in the media. Students also participate in class debates about controversial issues after they have researched a particular side. We also watch a daily news program designed for teens as well as other relevant programs such as episodes of 60 Minutes or Frontline to further our knowledge and provide prompts for discussion.

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