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Hello! My name is Mrs. DeCarlo and I am a proud alumna of Franklin Central School. I received my degree from Long Island University at Southampton. I chose to return to Franklin because I truly believe in the unique experience and educational opportunities that are offered to our students. I have the pleasure of working with the students in both fifth and sixth grade. My personal educational philosophy is to create an environment that allows students to grow as learners and as citizens.

English Language Arts
Students are encouraged to come to class each day with a quality silent reading book.  We will read a wide variety of books over the course of the year.  In order to grow as readers, students should select independent reading books from various genres. Writing, listening, and discussing are also important parts of class each day.
Important Materials
Along with a silent reading book, each student should report to class with a writing utensil, language arts notebook, binder, and an agenda.  The agenda is provided by the District on the first day and is an important tool.  Students will not only write assignments in the agenda, but will also write notes in it as well.
Class Dojo is a site that allows the teacher to provide positive feedback to each student.  It is a safe and secure site. Parents will receive a code that allows them to monitor their child's progress.  
Edmodo allows students to complete some homework assignments on the computer at home. The students will also use the site to complete assignments in school.  It is strictly an educational program and the teacher will monitor all activity.
Please see the links to the ELA classes for further information about current books and activities.
Social Studies

American History

Fifth graders study a wide variety of topics from Native Americans to modern times.  As they study different periods of history, they learn how geography affects the development of culture.  They also learn how different groups of people cooperated with one another and how different groups settled conflicts.  
Current Topic:
During September, students learn the location of the states and also develop an understanding of our country's natural resources.  They discuss rights and responsibilities of American citizens.
World History
Throughout the course of the year, the students will learn about the rise of civilizations.  They will begin their study with early cultures that developed near rivers.  They will also study the geography of each continent.  As the year progresses, sixth graders will learn about important events in world history leading to modern times.
Current Topic:
During September, sixth graders learn the location of countries in the Middle East.  They study the development of agriculture in this region. Students should know the seven continents.
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