Math Grades 7-9

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Students are expected to be an active participant in class and to be prepared everyday with pencil, paper, book, and homework.  Students must have a scientific calculator everyday.   I prefer a Texas Instrument.


Homework is important for the development of skills, reinforcement of concepts, and the application of knowledge to new situations, therefore, is given daily and checked daily. Homework should be done in pencil and credit is given when the appropriate work is shown. (Answers only are seldom acceptable.) The date and full assignment should be written on the top of the assignment along with your full name.  Absences for lessons, meetings or being at the nurse does not exempt students from having their homework in on time.  Full credit will not be given for a late assignment.  Please refer to the homework policy for Franklin Central School about the details on how unfinished homework will be handled.


Quizzes may be given any day and will not be announced so completing and understanding daily assignments is important.  Tests are scheduled in advance so you will have time to review and study.




Quarterly grades will be based on cumulative points.  Points will be given for class work, homework, quizzes, and tests.  The grades will be calculated by comparing points earned to the total possible points for the quarter.


Each quarter grade will count for 20% of the final course grade.  All students in grades 7-12 will take a mid-term and a final exam each counting 10% of the final grade. The final exams will be on an Exam 7-12 schedule.  Exemptions will not be given from these exams.




Class time is short and we need every minute so tardiness is not accepted.  Tardiness to class is recorded and after the third tardy a detention will be given.

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Mrs. Daniels

Please email at  [email protected]

Call 829-3551
before 8 am or after 11:45 am.
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