Below is a list of currently Registered Sex Offenders reported to the District by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

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Pritchard, Baliey - jpg file 12/26/2018 
Romano, Matthew - jpg file 11/30/2018
Cox, Lenard - jpg file 11/30/2018 
Bates, David - jpg file 11/30/2018
Smith, Gregg - jpg file 10/18/2018 
Lisenby Sean - Jpg file 8/27/2018 
Lewis, Brandon - jpg file 4/18/2018 
Carson, Ivan - jpg file 
Reynolds, Brandon - jpg file Updated 10/18/2018
Boecke, Ronald - jpg file
McCann, Lyman - jpg file Updated 11/28/2018
White, Jeffrey - jpg file
Cunningham, Mark - jpg file
Bennett, Jason - jpg file 
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