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Bus Routes
The routes below are current as of 21 March 2016. All turn around points on the maps are approximate locations.  All routes are subject to change due to weather conditions and needs of the district.  Residential roads with no students requiring transport may not be reflected on these routes.
Bus 116 - Mr. Buel
Leaves FCSD at 0650
CR 357 to SR 28
Coe Hill Rd
Lower half of White Hill Rd
Coe Hill Rd to turn around at Prosser Hollow Rd
SR 28 to Houghtaling Hollow Rd
Return to school
Bus 111 - Ms. Davis
Leaves FCSD at 0655
CR 357 to SR 28
Grange Hall Rd
Gay Brook Rd
Swart Hollow Rd
Upper half of White Hill Rd
Frank Slawson Rd
Return to school
Bus 117 - Mr. Wessels
Leaves FCSD at 0707
CR 357 to Franklin-Walton Rd (CR 21)
Plymouth Church (Ed Klug Rd)
Palmer Hill Rd
Freer Hollow Rd
Bennett Hollow Rd
Leland Hull Rd
Campbell Rd
Finch Rd
Hodge Rd
Return to school
Bus 114 - Mrs. Cleaveland
Leaves FCSD at 0707
CR 357 to Merrickville Rd
Franklin Depot Rd
Russell Rd
Sherman Hill Rd
East Handsome Brook Rd
Turn around at Post Rd
Franklin Heights Rd
Return to school
Bus 113 - Mr. Castellano
Leaves FCSD at 0700
CR 357 to Rich Rd (Top of Franklin Mtn)
SR 28 to CR 357
CR 14 to turn around at Post Rd
Blue School Rd
Pomeroy Rd
Return to School
Bus 115 - Mr. Feather
Leaves FCSD at 0710
CR 357 to East Sidney Dam
CR 44 to Gibson Hill Rd
Christian Hill Rd
Bissell Rd
Vantassel Rd
Otego Rd
Walley Rd
Center St
Return to school
Bus 112 - Mr. Nydam
Leaves FCSD at 0715
Various pick-ups for OCCS and Springbrook
Transportation Supervisor
John Nolan
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