Drama Conduct

Elementary Drama Rules of Conduct

In drama we will “bee”…

Asking before doing

Positive all the time
Staying on topic, while having fun
Taking care of our costumes, props & scripts
Quiet while others are talking
Sitting or standing (not laying down) while backstage
Good listeners
Keeping our hands to ourselves
Thinking before speaking
Staying out of the audiences view while backstage
Helping others when you can
Safe, responsible and respectful
Having fun

In drama we will NOT “bee”…

Tattling on others
Running around
Going on stage without permission
Mean or rude to others

If we can't follow our “bee” rules...

First, we will be spoken too; if we are spoken to again we may have to stand in the hallway for 5 minutes or not be able to participate in our fun activity; if we continue not following the “bee” rules we will get a note home to our parents. If we still cannot follow the rules, we may be asked to not participate in drama club.

Other drama rules:

Give Me 5: you are sitting down, your hands are still, your ears are listening, your eyes are watching, your lips are zipped

If you hear “1,2,3… eyes on me”; you say “1,2…eyes on you”

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

In GROUPS we: Get along with each other, Respect everyone's opinions, Offer support and ideas, Use soft voices, Participate actively, Stay together as a team.

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