Science 10-12
Welcome.  Currently I teach College Biology through TC3, Earth Science, and Chemistry.  
General Class Information

General Class Information

   Course Topics: Behavior of Matter, Atomic Theory, Periodic Table, Properties of Solutions,    Bonding,     Formulas and Equations, Math of Chemistry, Oxidation and Reduction, Kinetics and    Equilibrium, Acids    Bases and Salts, Organic Chemistry and Nuclear Chemistry.    
   *Regents Chemistry culminates in a regents exam in June.  Students must complete 1200 satisfactory lab       minutes in order to be eligible to sit for the regents. 
Earth Science:       
   Course Topics:
   Introduction - review of important ideas like density, measurement, science & measuring Earth -    latitude/longitude, maps, time, Earth’s layers, Minerals & Rocks- formation and identification.      Our Dynamic (Changing) Planet- plate tectonics, earthquakes.   Surface Processes & Landscapes-    weathering, erosion, deposition.   Earth’s History- geologic time, fossil evidence.   Weather    (Meteorology) - causes, predications, extreme examples.   Water, Soils and Climate- water budgets,    porosity, climate and change.   Astronomy- stars, solar system, moon motions, seasons.      
   *Regents Earth Science culminates in a regents in June.  1200 successful minutes of laboratory are  mandatory  in     order to take the regents in June.
 College Biology:  TC3 College Now     
   Topics Include: Animal form and function:  animals show adaptations for obtaining and    digesting food, reproduction, internal circulation, etc. Evolution:  Evolutionary theory provides a    framework by which all aspects of biology can be understood. Natural Selection is the mechanism    by which evolution proceeds. Biodiversity:  All the world’s species can be categorized    taxonomically, using similarities and differences of structure; taxonomy reflects organisms’    phylogeny. Ecology:  All organisms are interdependent with each other and with the Earth’s    environment.
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