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Announcements and Reminders

 First Grade Homework:  
1.  Read for at least 15 minutes a day with an adult  and have the adult sign your 100 Book Challenge Logbook.  See the handbook for more information.
*100 Book Challenge IS your homework.
 2.  Practice your spelling words.
 3.  Practice the addition and subtraction facts to ten.  
Spelling Words:         Spelling tests are given on Fridays.
** There are now 10 spelling words and 1 bonus word** 
Frequently confused words are being repeated.
March 9-13:  them, just, know, put, after, may, fly, call, sit, why
March 16-20:  every, think, walk, once, open, far, today, cut, tell, live
March 23-27:  would, very, fast, does, both, sing, wish, gave, work, sleep
March 30- April 3:  they, went, said, don't, us, use, five, these, those, six 
April 6-10:  No School
April 13-17 :  first, pull, which, goes, made, never, wash, read, come, who
April 20-24:  right, green, their, best, keep, light, there, much, one, want
April  27-May 1:  long, always, also, fall, small, all, before, drink, soon, balloon
May  4-8:  buy, myself, try, only, carry, where, were, warm, cook, look
May 11-15:  grow, seven, eight, about, write, own, start, are, hurt, pick
May  18-22:  cold, water, bring, done, kind, show, draw, hold, full, both
May 25-29:  three, six, better, clean, parts, little, jump, what, some, could
June 1-5:  laugh, they, want, went, because, one, animal, their, been, once
June 8-12:  visit, kind, their, they, said, again, clock, minute, hour, time
June 15-19- No spelling
June 22-26- No spelling 

Contact Information

Contact Information
Mrs. Dutcher
Please contact me right away with any questions or concerns.
I check my e-mail regularly.
(607) 829-3551
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