Elementary AIS Reading & Math
AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services 
* Academic Intervention Services provide a small-group 
   learning environment where reading and writing or
   math skills are reviewed and reinforced.

Code Knowledge Intervention Overview

Code Knowledge Intervention

5 basic guiding principles


These are explicitly taught:

1.        letters are pictures of sounds

          (sound pictures, not letter names)

2.        spoken words are made of blended sounds

          (strategy for decoding)

3.        written words are made of sound pictures which

          represent the sounds in words (reversibility)

4.        some sounds are spelled in more than one way (variation)

5.        some spellings represent more than one sound (overlap)

My Schedule
  8:15 6th grade ELA  Push in
  9:40 1st grade ELA AIS MWF, 2nd grade Math AIS TTH
 10:20 5th grade Science Push in
 11:00 6th grade Social Studies Push in
 12:00 1st grade Math AIS
 12:30 5th Writer's Workshop M, 5th grade ELA AIS T-F
  1:00 6th Writer's Workshop M, 6th grade ELA AIS T-F
  2:20 4th grade ELA AIS
Contact Info
Marjorie Banks
Phone: 829-3551 
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